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Weekly Angels Guidance:18-24 Sep 17 🔮 Moving forward with balance

This week angels congratulate you on learning to finally balance the string by taking power in your hand and control your inner factors instead of looking outwardly believing you must control life by resisting the flow of what is.

Wisdom, love and clarity are born and will continue to blossom from your balancing act. Be sure to recognize your power by mastering being in the present for the mind will always take you to ghostlands of past nostalgia and worries of future which you already know neither truly exist. Life will always challenge you because that's what life does so remember to control your thoughts, minds, emotions to be in good balanced and react to it with power of the now.

This week you can now focus on nurturing love and peace in your heart. Honor your authentic self, give it good fertilize and let love grow no matter what season you are feeling inside. There is always beauty in each season of your heart. Enhance that garden!

May peace be with you 😇 ~ Angels Love Guidance

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