Be your own fortune teller by remembering Self-Power.

Have you been wanting to know how your destiny is going to unfold? So you ran to a fortune teller to help you answer all the questions you have hoping it would give you some levels of clarity and certainty so that you can have more control of your life.

Where are you placing your focus on? What do you do after being told that your soulmate wouldn't cross your path for another 10 years? Have you ever thought of why and insist on doing something in your own power to rewrite your destiny? Are you really willing to accept such a destiny written in the stars passively and not reacting to it to make it the best and for the highest good of yours?

Self - power is often lost in the fog of fears and egos when we think we must control something externally to shape our future to the desire direction. Who would know you more than you do? When we are not aware of the power inside ourselves, the power to co-create our lives alongside the universe's plan we end up chasing for the dream that has never even been been born in the first place for such a dream is not a destination to arrive but a production we create in the place of the now moments and mindfully manifest it into the reality projecting it out from within.

It takes one to be mindful and in touch with one's inner world and constant soul evolution that has the capacity to rise above illusions of this humane dimension and connect with the higher consciousness of oneself to come to the knowing that you yourself has the rightful authority called 'freewill' to write your own scripts in that destined movie scene.

Next time when you have questions about your future prediction, be sure to see beyond fears to release it and gain back real control. Shift your focus inwardly to empower yourself with questions that you know you are 'the one and only' person who can unfold the destined future of yours.

Believe in the power of self-love, self -empowerment in your heart space where your soul lies and be sure to live the life that you fully own.

Love and Light,


Angels Love Guidance

''Learn to rise above and love like angels''

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