New Experiences Await: Angels Massage - 21/27 Aug 2017

This week you are guided by the angels to quiet your worrisome mind to hear the inner voice from your heart as you have been procrastinating to make a choice whist a decision is required to be made.

Be confident and be whole to know that you do have everything it takes to succeed. Listen to your intuition and make a conscious decision with no fears. The path you are about to step into is going bring you new experiences and possibilities that you may never imagine.

Even when you are unsure about the outcome but trust the strong nudging gut feeling as it's a whisper from your spirit guide that is trying to gear you into the right path. It will be the choice of a new territory, something you have never done, something new but you are asked to stop repeating the same old dance and take a new approach. Once the choice is made and acted upon with confidence, the following week is going to bring you a successful slowly peacefully steady pace that is deemed to get you there victoriously.

Light and Love,


Angels Love Guidance

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