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The dawn of a new you 🔮 Weekly Angels Guidance:11-18 Sep 17

This week angels want you to know that you have acquired the wisdom needed for an upgraded version of yourself. You have been riding the waves with skills through the rough sea and you have done well. You are about to give birth to your dream through a soul awakening process.

However, there will be some doubts and fears along the way still so all you need is to set your intention clear and connect to the power of your intention as it does have the power to change the world. Recognize that you have been going through dark night of the soul so the feelings and emotions both positive and negative are there to be faced and cleared once and for all.

The sun is rising in the horizon. You will land on the field of dream even bigger and brighter than you think you deserve. You have done well and will soon be reborn to an awakening version. All you need to do this week is have faith and believe in yourself and take that last step now to come out the other side full of sunshine and fields of love and dream.

May the angels protect and assist you on this beautiful journey.

Have a blissful week 😇 ~ Angels Love Guidance

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