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''Heaven is brought on earth when we spread light and love to one another''

The most valuable treasure I have are peace and love I carry in my soul. My heart is filled with energy to give and share this love. Earth Angels Mission is a calling from my heart. I believe we can make a difference we can create heaven on earth by becoming angels ourselves. Like candles, the flame of light is never less by sharing, the more we share and spread love to one another, the more love we fill in the space of our hearts, the earth, the universe. 

If you are reading this you may be feeling it now yourself. The universe has brought us here to meet because your heart is calling for the same mission. Your angelic soul is guiding you to join us on this mission embodying Earth Angels by giving and sharing love and light to one another, to those who suffer, those in the dark cold place, those who are less fortunate e.g. young orphan, poor little children, abandoned lonely elderly, homeless, wounded animals etc. 


You can follow my Earth Angels activities here on this page and help us spread the words, send love, share idea, join activity, invite friends, donate ... 


Remember to remember that we are soul energy of love. Let us spread our wings and help bringing heaven onto earth for peace, love and faith of humanity on the planet Earth. 




Earth Angels Mission

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Angels Blessings! Thank you for spreading light and love.

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