''Heaven is brought on earth when we spread light and love to one another''

The most valuable treasure I have are peace and love I carry in my soul. My heart is filled with energy to give and share this love. Earth Angels Mission is a calling from my heart. I believe we can make a difference we can create heaven on earth by becoming angels ourselves. Like candles, the flame of light is never less by sharing, the more we share and spread love to one another, the more love we fill in the space of our hearts, the earth, the universe. 

If you are reading this you may be feeling it now yourself. The universe has brought us here to meet because your heart is calling for the same mission. Your angelic soul is guiding you to join us on this mission embodying Earth Angels by giving and sharing love and light to one another, to those who suffer, those in the dark cold place, those who are less fortunate e.g. young orphan, poor little children, abandoned lonely elderly, homeless, wounded animals etc. 


You can follow my Earth Angels activities here on this page and help us spread the words, send love, share idea, join activity, invite friends, donate ... 


Remember to remember that we are soul energy of love. Let us spread our wings and help bringing heaven onto earth for peace, love and faith of humanity on the planet Earth. 




Earth Angels Mission

Giving is Reciving

September 13, 2017

I will never forget the first moment arriving at the canteen where little kids were seated waiting for their generous visitors to arrive and serve them lunch. My earth angel friend and I were being welcomed warmly by hugs and kisses from these little kids showing how happy and loved they feel to have some visitors for they know they will be given love and affection that they naturally long for but lack. Their eyes are innocent and carry a spark of hope as if everything in this world is all wondrous and beautiful. 

Realistically had they known, in fact, outside of the child care sanctuary they are suffering insufficient mean of basic needs both physically and emotionally. All are from pour family with barely enough food to eat, living in potentially harmful surroundings and yet many are exposed to drugs and abusive parents. Some kids are panic and scared, some are depressed and suppressed, some are aggressive and some just cry of confusion. Throughout the day they eat, shower, sleep and play with the care takers but there are not enough care takers to give hug and quality time with each individual one at the same time so there will always be some kids crying wanting to be picked up, scared and lost and just have to live through that emotional turmoil. Imagine that to be such childhood life one must experience and go through.  

We could definitely donate money, time, attention in contributing to the organization and that will help easing out the problem on a surface level. The core, in my view, goes beyond the parents, the family, the slum, the poverty, drugs, crimes and the list goes on but the root of all humanitarian issue we are facing is the money, the evil in the greed of those with money power whether in drugs and all kind of crimes. It all comes down to how we love ourselves and one another. How we live in accordance with love, peace and harmony. As long as there's greed in money and power, drugs and crimes will continue to exist as toxic vain that poison the community, society, country, the world  .. the humanity. These poor innocent pity miserable kids we see at the slum child care is only one among many more humanitarian issues we are all facing... all because we have forgotten to remember to love ourselves and one another. 

My deepest hope is that we all wake up to this realization of oneness and together bring peace and love back to heal and rebuild the humanity. Little change can make a difference, NEVER UNDERESTIMATE YOUR POWER OF LIGHT AND LOVE. Please if you are reading this, it means you know that you can and want to make change. Good vibe is contagious, it takes only one act of kindness to light up the darkness in one's soul. It all starts from one being the light bring into the darkness to light up another so eventually we put down the darkness. 

The foundation for slum child care has 4 branches in Bangkok carrying a important mission to improve the quality of life for babies and young children in the slum area of Bangkok. The organization runs not only the child care center programme but also regularly runs several other programmes related to improving the life, education, health and job opportunity for slum people alongside. Donation has fallen short in the last 3 years so your contribution can help supporting and sustaining this light house to lead those beautiful lost souls out of the dark storm and have better opportunities in their lives. On this visit, P'Kob, Koi and Nong Ploy & her loving husband had given their generous donations to me to pass to the foundation. Bless your heart and may love and light be with you always.  


For more information and donation http://www.fscc.or.th/eng/founders.html


Love and Light,





- Angels Love Guidance


The Foundation for Slum Child Care

September 13, 2017

Through the soul in your eyes I see 

You are beautiful, pure and a living recognition of hope

When you smile my soul smiles, when you cry my soul weeps even more

You are a star and you shall grow shining like stars 

Life may condition you with challenges right from when you were born

You don't remember, you don't even know, you don't understand why

You are scared, sad, frighten, hungry and so you cry, you hind

Dear beautiful angles fallen from the sky, 

Let us be reminded by your braveness of choice for choosing to come to the earth 

to cast the shadow on yourself so that other may try 

to lighten up their own light ... yes, you truly inspire 

for others may realize them too are part of the Divine 

Casting the light of compassion upon your soul .... come out love no need to hind 

We are kind, the world is kind, life may be harsh but kindness will always shine

Thank you once again for being here on earth to remind us 

that the humanity will always be with hope and love is all we need 

Let us share with you love, light, hug and let you know you will be fine 

For no matter how hard how dark it is now,  the sun will always shine

We will never give up on each other on you beautiful children for we are all one and part of the Divine. 

If you have been reading this far ... you are guided by the universe to spread light and love to those little ones who are born and and grow up without access of proper care or basic education, being exposed to assault both mentally and physically in a slum environment.

On14th September 2017, we will be visiting Slum Child Care Klong Toey, Bangkok to host lunch to 80-90 kids and bring not only donations but love and light. You are all invited to join, send love and or generous donations such as books, cloths. Let us also share our act of kindness and loving to world so that the light may shine and out-bright darkness, bringing forward heaven onto Earth. 

Love and Light,





- Angels Love Guidance


Heart to Heart

August 04, 2017

A profound moment of heart-to-heart connection was how I would describe what happened today with us at the House of Neurological Disability. No matter how different we are, there is no limitation to love by each other, to touch and be touched by  one another at the soul level.


Thank you the universe, the angels, my fellow Earth Angels for coming along, bringing donations, love and light to all beautiful souls at this place including the care takers and the founder. Their dedication and compassion towards helping and rising hope in humanity is truly inspiring. 


Heaven is brought on earth when we spread light and love to one another.

Love and Angels Blessings,


Angels Loves Guidance

House of Neurological Disability

August 04, 2017

Life, no matter what, is unquestionably, a blessing from the universe, yet some fates are so hard to imagine having to live it through even for just one lifetime. In Nonthaburi an outskirt province of Bangkok, live many courageous souls of neurological disabilities in this tiny loving nurturing home. 

Many children here have been given up hope on by their parents since their births. Currently, the house is looking after over 20 lives taken care by local volunteers which in truth are Earth Angels. I wonder what goes on in the mind of neurological disable persons on a soul level. Are they suffering just as much as we see the suffering presents in the physical? Perhaps more, perhaps less or perhaps none. What about in comparison to us with healthy brain genes?

Join me on this day, Sat 5th August 2017 to bring along not only dry foods, snacks and medicine for donation but also warming light of love and encouragement to all wonderful souls there. If you are reading this then it is definitely your soul that is remembering its purpose, be sure to respond to its calling. Feel free to help in any ways, drop a message, join us, spread the words or even sending your love and best wishes from afar, remembering that you too also are an Earth Angel, let your soul be lit and inspired to spread love and light everywhere you go.      

See you soon,


25.7.2017 Bangkok    

Little kids sleeping on the street

July 23, 2017

Last week I saw a photo being shared on Facebook of a Thai monk offering food and water from his own gathering by which he had been given to by people making merit that was meant to be his breakfast to young little kids somewhat living, sleeping on the street. The kids were all dirty, miserable and sad despite receiving some foods from the monk ... that morning.

This broke my heart, I feel sorry for those little kids and I know there are many many many more that are facing such hardship let alone lacking primary needs like food, shelter for surviving, their souls must also suffer from fears, insecurity, confusion and not receiving love.  

On this day I will be in Bangkok, Thailand. I am planing to go walking on the street of Bangkok near slum areas where I guess many kids might be abandoned and sleeping on the street frighten to survive. I will be bringing foods, water, cloths and be talking to them find out what, when, where, why and if possible to get official help from the charity and or organization for them. 


Join me on this mission, if you live in Bangkok and want to come along please do not hesitate to drop a message to get in touch with me here on this website. You can also spread the words sharing this post inviting friends bringing some donation like cloths, foods etc An act of love is the kindest act of all. 


Love and Light,


5.7.2017 Amsterdam    

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