Self-Empowerment: Angels Message: 31 Jul - 6 Aug 2017

This week you have managed to come out of the dark forest that which gave you yet another soul evolving lesson and the ability to see the unique beauty in everything the universe has created just as they are without judging or defying, for in truth: there is no separateness in the higher ream like how our physical eyes and logical mind see.

When you are unaware of the illusion projects from your distorted minds, you blindfold yourself from seeing a higher prospective of the situation, the silver lining of the gray clouds, the power to author your life. You become unhappy because you are not aware of your self-power to rise above, you feel trapped and victimized by the world around you.

Recognize that guilt, resentment and all negative emotions you are feelings now have come up to the surface for you to acknowledge, transcend, gain its wisdom and release.

Be assured to continue your journey forward with love, lighthearted and wisdom, carrying only positive thoughts and energies that are going to manifest your wish into the reality. Remember that you have the POWER to create your life like a magic. Ride forward to the glorious future ahead. You are powerful and beautiful.

Love and Light,


Angels Love Guidance

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