My twin soul

It was today last year when I sent you off at airport after the night you had told me finally for once that you pretty much didn't want to be with me after all.

It's been the most spiritual discovering journey for me since then having touched my deepest soul and have it taken away. For the first time in my life that I literally lived in a body with no soul. You had made me realize I truly had one when it was gone. All the pains, fears and agonies I had kept deep inside long before I even met you had come to the surface to let me acknowledge it fully, feel it, live through it and release it from my system. I was finally left only with pure harmony and peace within. It was then that I perhaps learned to bring my pure soul back and really be with it. I had gone through a complete cleansed reborn-transformation of self.

I used to love myself more already when my heart broke free from loving a man I knew I could die for as I became a wild slut bitch I thought I had grown stronger than ever but then ... you introduced me the real strength of humbleness, gentleness and calmness.

You simply gave me light, love, friendship, trust, commitment, compassion unconditionally, you loved me even when my heart wasn't fully with you.

Because you had always been the light when everything in my life was all dark so by being made aware that that very light was disappearing when you said indirectly you didn't want to be with me, I had gone through a journey of wisdom casting the shadow in the darkness by illuminating the light myself.

It made me learn to love myself and ultimately able to love you unconditionally to the point that I can let go if it's your will to be happy and follow your dreams without me. I have learned to love unselfishly and therefore I also love myself who I have become now much more than ever.

Thank you so much for everything you have done whether or not you intend to do so for such impact, I thank you for being in my life and actually being my life .. my mirror self .. my soul.

What we have is so powerful and super special. Not everyone has such strong bond of soul relationship like us. It's a gift from the universe and together we are gift to others. We have been blessed to have had and hold it.

I know that together we can do much more, you may not know but it's true that our story has inspired many people who know us already. Our story brings faith, love and hope to people that have known us.

So it's been a year of blessing pain that has brought blessing gain and I now feel home at last.

I know that you are in process of awakening into this realization also. We are right where we are meant to be. I am very happy to have made it through till today and we are finally reunion.

I believe in our love, please never lose faith, don't be frighten by the power you and I have, don't let us run and chase each other no more as long as we know that no matter how hard we try to run or resist it we cannot ignore or forget that special love and connection we have for each other.

Do I know the future to say that we are meant to be forever... ? all I know is that I want to make it forever with you. 💏



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